Volcanologists monitoring fumaroles

The Earth Thermometer is another piece of equipment for the geophysicist’s toolbox.Photo 1: The China Copper Clad Steel Wire Manufacturers internal sleave is inserted into the 1. — Targeted to the geophysical exploration, geothermal and soil science sectors, the Earth Thermometer is a 1.5 metre rod. Data can be stored for up to one year and the probe’s durable construction allows it to be re-used multiple times. This device will be of interest to geophysicists exploring for hydrothermal resources to volcanologists monitoring fumaroles. œAs it is passive and largely non-invasive it is ideal for Japan’s exploration in national parks and proximal to their onsens (hot springs) said HDR’s Technologist Lawrence Molloy. The Earth-Thermometer during a long term deployment in South Australia 005C.6 metre long needle probe can be used for short or long-term deployments.Hot Dry Rocks is marketing the product globally with a focus on Japan.The daily temperature swings and seasonal warming is clearly displayed. Because it is reusable and easily deployed, we expect to sell units to geophysical rental equipment companies worldwide said Graeme Beardsmore the device designer and Hot Dry Rocks’ President.Because it is designed to detect differences in temperature drift of the ground from one location to another, units are deployed in pairs, transects or arrays.Photo 3: 50 days of data at 30 cm and 110 cm respectively. Since 2005 HDR has provided the industry with the technology and services needed to advance the exploration of geothermal energy. Different thermometer models provide precision of 0. For the onsen market it can be used for long term monitoring with regard to larger geothermal developments. Hot Dry Rocks is one of the leading geothermal technical firms in Australia.It is designed for monitoring ground temperature in and around thermal hot springs, volcanos, geothermal reservoirs, buried infrastructure or radioactive waste “ any buried heat signature. Temperature readings are taken at 30cm and 110cm below the surface. Larger markets include; coal seam fires, hydrology, agriculture, soil science, climate monitoring and smart grid.

Providing comprehensive ground handling services

Dismissing their petitions, the bench said the present petitioners have filed the petition as a PIL and stated that no similar petitions are filed in any other High Courts at the same time.œThe bona fides of the petitioners were at stake and given the materials available on record, we have no doubt or hesitation to hold that the petitioners have resorted to this prompted and personal interest litigation at the behest of the persons who approached the Delhi High Court and trying to create obstacles for the successful bidder to commence its operation, it said.The petitioners contended that eligibility conditions of the tender were altered to suit Bhadra International, a joint venture consortium partnering along with Novia International Consulting APS of Denmark. The CBI has conducted an inquiry into the whole episode earlier and filed its report giving clean chit to the issue in hand, it said. AAI, authorities of Chennai and Kolkata airports denied the allegations.A PIL filed by Oveyam Ranjan and Indian Airports Ground Handling Agents Association, Bangalore, sought to quash an Airports Authority of India (AAI) order of September 9, 2009, awarding license to provide ground handling services in Chennai and Ground Rod Suppliers Kolkata airports.Refusing the accept the contentions of the petitions that only with an ulterior motive, Chennai and Kolkata airports were clubbed together by officials, the bench said, œsince the said decision is not only the policy decision of the government, but the same has not caused any financial loss to the AAI or the government of India.œThis, in our view, is nothing but a proxy litigation indulging in by the petitioners.The bench said that the writ petitions have been filed, since they œfound the weakness in the case before the Delhi High Court, the interested persons have prompted a third party/ the petitioners to file the present writ petition as a PIL that too in the eleventh hour.Dismissing a PIL, a Division Bench comprising Justices Elipe Dharma Rao and Aruna Jagadeesan noted that the Federation of Indian Airlines and other airline carriers had filed a similar petition in Delhi High Court and the same was dismissed.The petitioner, who posed as the president of a labour union, has not raised any issue with regard to any labour problem so far and this writ petition has been filed by her only at the behest of some interested persons, the bench said.The tender was awarded in favour of Bhadra International (India) Limited.They also sought to direct the CBI to hold an inquiry into the issuance of tender for providing comprehensive ground handling services to various domestic and international airlines in both airports and file a report within a timeframe.– CHENNAI: Madras High Court today allowed private sector firm Bhadra International to commence its operation in ground handling services in Chennai and Kolkata airports.These petitions were filed œundoubtedly with an ill intention of preventing Bhadra International to commence its operation, they said.cms.Source: http://economictimes.œIn a commercial contract matter like the one in hand, if a free hand is not given to the government, it would result in the cost to the exchequer, the bench said.

Air of credibility to the cause

But whether the topic is the failure of the SEC and our elected officials in Washington to protect investors, the massive follies of the Bush/Obama bailout, the imminent overhaul of the SEC, or any other of the myriad of issues that we face both as a country and worldwide, the message will remain the same, the mantra will continue to be repeated until every American hears it in their sleep: The financial system itself is broken, and it&Lightning Protection products Suppliers8217;s up to us to hold our public officials, from the White House to the halls of Congress and the SEC, accountable for their past inaction and their current actions that affect our country’s economic future.Over the next few months, I’ll address some of the individual aspects of the stunning collapse of our economy, how we got here in the first place, where we are now, and what we can all do to move the process forward in a positive way. They realize that our financial markets are in turmoil not because of the natural ebb and flow of our economy, but because of a flawed and corrupt system. The tail has begun to wag the proverbial dog, and the results have been devastating to our country and the world’s economic well-being. Because regulators who were assigned the task of policing the financial markets ignored naked short selling and other types of blatant fraud, the criminals became bolder, moving from small penny stock companies to larger companies such as Overstock, Delta Airlines (NYSE: DAL), Krispy Kreme (NYSE: KKD), Netflix (NASD: NFLX), Martha Stewart Living (NYSE: MSO), Global Crossing (NASD: GLBC), and TASER (NASD: TASR). Our markets were intended to mirror our free enterprise system, but instead have begun to strongly affect our economy in a decidedly adverse manner. The fraud appears to have originally been fueled mostly by Canadian brokers and offshore lenders and hedge funds, who victimized small, struggling companies and their investors.- Editorial Commentary -“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. That is a fact that has been borne out throughout history. They could buy and sell stock that didn’t exist, shares that were never delivered, in effect creating an unlimited supply of counterfeit stock. In the end, they began to devour their own and turned on each other, adding to the market collapse that began in September of 2008. The con artists bet against the company and its shareholders by taking advantage of a trading system that allowed them to “sell” shares that they didn’t own, and in many cases, never even borrowed. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. Morgan Chase (NYSE: JPM), Fannie Mae (NYSE: FNM), and Freddie Mac (NYSE: FRE), an eclectic “small group of thoughtful people” sounded the alarm about a financial system gone horribly wrong. Activist Dave Patch started InvestigatetheSEC. They utilized naked short selling and a lending practice that became known as “death spiral financing” because targeted companies were often forced into bankruptcy.As a country, we’re now in the “what next?” phase of this epic crisis.(This is the conclusion of Mark Faulk’s “Financial Armageddon In Retrospect”. The SEC has decided to make permanent a temporary ban on naked short selling that was set to expire on July 31st, but activists recognized long ago that naked short selling is simply a symptom of…here’s that mantra again…a financial system that is rigged from the ground up. It wasn’t just the media and federal regulators who aided and abetted Wall Street in their financial assault on middle-class America. If we are not diligent in holding President Obama’s and Congress’ feet to the fire we will end up with new regulations that are just as wrought with deliberately placed loopholes as our current system. This was the most # lopsided redistribution of wealth in the history of the world, and our political leaders in Washington blatantly ignored it until it collapsed around them.. Others, including Bud Burrell, Bob O’Brien, Rod Young, DeWayne Reeves, Darren Saunders, Mary Helburn, and economists Suzanne Trimbath and Robert Shapiro, worked tirelessly to warn the country about the potential train wreck years before it happened.PK), Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS), Merrill Lynch (DOA, as in dead on arrival), Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), J. To read Part One, go to //?level=279). The recent ban on naked short selling by the SEC is nothing more than a band-aid on an amputated limb, but it’s a start. Lawmakers and regulators, answering to the same moneyed special interest groups who sold us down the river in the first place, will close one door of corruption, only to open three more. P. Efforts to reform our financial markets were further galvanized when Overstock (NASDAQ: OSTK) CEO Patrick Byrne, along with fellow crusaders Judd Bagley, Brent Baker, and Mark Mitchell, joined the rapidly escalating war. Hedge funds grew exponentially during the first decade of the 21st century, and began to come under the control of Wall Street’s largest players, with Goldman Sachs and J.” ~Margaret MeadAugust 19, 2009 (FinancialWire) (By Mark Faulk) — Years before SEC chairman Christopher Cox invoked a one-month ban in July of 2008 against naked short selling in 19 battered financial stocks, including Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS), Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS), Citigroup (NYSE: C), Lehman Brothers (OTC: LEHMQ. They squandered countless opportunities to fix the system long before it collapsed around them, and in fact, for the most part denied that a problem even existed. They could literally destroy the company, and its shareholders, by creating so much negative pressure that the stock eventually collapsed under the weight of the massive selling. Our country runs on a system designed by millionaires for the benefit of billionaires, and as long as the money kept flowing, they could bury their collective heads in the sand at their private golf courses.A clear majority of Americans have finally gotten the message.com in late 2003, and in early 2004 I began reporting on financial fraud on my website The Faulking Truth. But the key to the scheme was the con artists’ ability to short sell the companies’ stock without having to ever acquire the shares to cover their positions. At around the same time, the late Gayle Essary began to utilize his own forums, Investrend and Financial Wire, to bring greater exposure and an air of credibility to the cause.At first, the focus of stock market reform advocates was something called “naked short selling”, a predatory trading practice used to illegally manipulate stock prices. Morgan eventually becoming the world’s largest hedge funds.P. Forbes writer Elizabeth Moyer and Euromoney magazine’s Helen Avery covered the scandal for the financial media, but the Wall Street controlled corporate media for the most part either ignored the issue or attempted to discredit those who exposed the corruption.